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Native Kansan. Photography Enthusiast. Husband. Father.

Marcos Lerma is from Garden City, Kansas. He’s a graduate of the University of Kansas and Cleveland Chiropractic College, and he's been in practice in Mission, KS since 2008. His passion for photography dates back to high school, but only recently has he actively engaged in landscape and nature photography. Marcos and his wife, Amy, love to explore local beauty in Kansas City and throughout the state of Kansas, but they also enjoy traveling to other locations. Marcos’s main focus has been landscape, storm, and long exposure photography, but recently he’s also enjoyed exploring portrait photography. This could be largely due to the fact that Marcos and Amy just welcomed their first child, Sophia Louise. Marcos loves to share his passion with others and hopes his collection evokes a strong sense of nostalgia and immerses the viewer in a land of underappreciated beauty.

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